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What is Business Coaching?

We believe that dreams and aspirations are the fuel that drives business success. We offer coaching and mentoring services designed to empower individuals to turn their dreams into reality. With our unique approach, we not only provide guidance and support but also embrace the power of nature by offering coaching and mentoring sessions outdoors while walking or using a mobility aid..

Coaching and mentoring are powerful tools for personal and professional growth. They involve working with experienced coaches and mentors who provide guidance, support, and constructive feedback. Through a collaborative partnership, coaches and mentors help individuals identify their goals, develop action plans, and navigate challenges along the way. The focus is on unlocking potential, building skills, and achieving desired outcomes.

Why do Dreams & Ambitions Matter?

Dreams and aspirations are the seeds of innovation and growth.

They fuel our motivation, inspire us to push boundaries, and challenge the status quo.

At Business for Good NE CIC, we believe that dreams matter, regardless of their scale. We are passionate about helping individuals identify and pursue their dreams, as we understand the immense impact they can have on personal fulfillment and business success.

How does business coaching help?

Coaching and mentoring provide a range of benefits that can empower you on your entrepreneurial journey:

1. Clarity and Goal Setting: Work with our coaches and mentors to gain clarity on your vision, values, and business goals. Through deep exploration and reflection, we help you define and refine your objectives, ensuring they align with your passions and aspirations.

2. Skills Development: Our experienced coaches and mentors provide guidance to help you develop essential skills for business success. From leadership and communication to problem-solving and decision-making, we equip you with the tools needed to navigate challenges effectively.

3. Accountability and Support: Stay on track and maintain momentum with the help of our coaches and mentors. They serve as your accountability partners, providing support, motivation, and feedback to ensure you stay focused and progress towards your goals.

4. Confidence and Resilience: Building a business can be daunting, but our coaching and mentoring services are designed to boost your confidence and resilience. We help you overcome self-doubt, manage setbacks, and develop a growth mindset that empowers you to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Outdoor Coaching

We understand the power of nature in fostering creativity, clarity, and well-being. That's why we offer coaching and mentoring sessions outdoors. Being in nature can provide a refreshing change of environment, stimulate creativity, and promote a sense of calm and clarity. Our experienced coaches and mentors will guide you through meaningful conversations and exercises while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

A coaching session outdoors is physically active, less formal, more sensory and more likely to increase creative thought. Walking coaching doesn’t require any special equipment or a special place to walk, we do however have very accessible woodland walks suitable for people with mobility aids. You can engage in coaching conversations whilst walking with your coach outdoors in an urban area or in a natural environment. Being outdoors heightens the awareness of your environment and involves the use of all your senses. It enables you to slow your pace down and ground yourself, which has a calming effect on your body and mind. This calming effect helps with problem solving and creative thinking.

For some clients an informal approach to coaching in an outdoor environment can help with their journey. It can help to improve conversations, aid self-reflection and self-evaluation and have a powerful effect on physical, mental and emotional health.

Unlock Your Potential 

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