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Exploring Employment or Self-Employment

Our course aims to reduce the barriers for people with long-term health conditions and/or disabilities to employment or self-employment.

The Course

The purpose of our course is to enable people with long-term health conditions and disabilities in to employment and self-employment. It is a mixture of one-to-one support, peer support, and ASDAN accredited education. 

We have two routes available through the course depending on which path learners would like to take. Those with an interest in self-employment will focus on enterprise, and those looking for employment will focus on job application skills. All learners have the choice to pick a module to explore their interests further.


At the time of entry, learners must be unemployed or interested in exploring self-employment and based in Newcastle or Gateshead with the ability to get to our centre.

Please let us know how to support you best when you book on to the course. Our coaches are highly experienced in working with people with long-term health conditions and disabilities, so you can be assured you will get the support that is best for you throughout the course.

Learning Methods

Learning takes place at our centre face-to-face, one morning or afternoon per week for a total of three hours. Each group will consist of up to six learners. The course itself runs for 20 weeks total. Each learner will complete six modules in this time to achieve either the Level 1 or 2 ASDAN Award in Employability.

What will you learn?

There are four modules total, with learners having two routes available to them depending on their interests. 

For learners with an interest in employment, the path is as follows:

Module 1: Career Exploration

Module 2: Applying for a Job 

Module 3: Overcoming Barriers to Work

For learners with an interest in self-employment, the path is as follows:

Module 1: Career Exploration

Module 2: Enterprise Skills

Module 3: Exploring Business and Enterprise 

After these core modules, learners then have the opportunity to choose a module to explore their interests further.  

Peer Support

As a part of the course, learners will have the opportunity to join a peer support group. This group will allow you to support one another as individuals with shared experiences of living with long-term health conditions and disabilities. It is a safe space for you to gain support through connection with others in a space where you feel accepted and understood.


This course aims to allow learners to progress in to a path that most interests them. This can include going in to the workplace, continuing education, or self-employment. 

We can support you at the end of the course in pursuing your interests further.

Application Form

Please complete this application form for September 2023 entry. We will be in contact with you shortly after your application.

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